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Here are some web links to sites about Latin America:

Project Maps
Latin American news headlines website attempts to "promote environmental conservation, cultural understanding and local economic development, particularly through responsible tourism," in Latin America.
Amigos de las Americas International Office links
Citizens Trade - trade policy issues
Central America and South America on Google
US State Dept: Country by country information
Latin World
Centers for Disease Control Travelers' Health Page
Latin American Information Center, Univ. of Austin, Texas
Latin America Data Base
World Maps
Honduras This Week - Honduras English-language newspaper
UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies
NPR program on immigration
Information About Insect Protection (PDF file) -- from the Travel Medicine website (
Amigos Live Journal
UNICEF building latrines in Sudan
Words Without Borders, Americas Section
Learn to love the latrine
Zona Latin
Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies

Spanish language resources
A Guide to the Spanish Language
BBC Online Spanish Education (excellent site, but you must download and install the files first)
Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student (this one is good for a review of grammar)
La Pagina EspaƱol
Learn Spanish
LearnPlus online Spanish course (very well organized, first lesson free, then $13 for 6-month enrollment)
Land of Links multiple Spanish languages resources

Portuguese resources:


Other articles:

Nation of Wimps
To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich